Company Profile

How can Audit-IT help you?

Audit-IT specialises in telecommunications management. We save money and time for individuals, families and businesses by applying specialist expertise, effectively and efficiently managing all telecommunications requirements. We do this by:

1. Auditing, Evaluating and Fixing Existing Services

The focus here is on reducing your telecommunication costs and improving its efficiency. Audit-IT undertakes a comprehensive analysis of all your mobile, fixed line, line and data accounts, together with their associated contracts and service agreements. We audit to establish if:

  • Charges are correct
  • There are any unauthorised or excessive charges
  • All the services being charged are required and are used efficiently

Audit-IT will pursue any credits we consider warranted to your account. If your evaluation supports, and you agree, we can go to market and seek offers which better suit your criteria on cost and service. To cap this off, Audit-IT will provide you with information and an assessment of any new technologies that we think will benefit your business.

2. Providing Selected Telecommunications Services such as:

  • Contract negotiation/going to market
  • Tailored telecommunications management reporting/analysis
  • Auditing of specific telecommunications accounts
  • Telecommunications emergency back-up advice
  • Telecommunications relocation advice/management
  • New technology analysis/recommendations
  • Employee fair use of telecommunications policy preparation/advice
  • Conflict resolution/bill disputes

Or if you don't want the hassle of in-house telecommunications management...

3. Providing a Telecommunications Management Service for you

Why should you stress over managing your telecommunications? Why not put that burden on to Audit-IT? No more time wasted visiting stores or calling providers and getting stuck in holding queues. No more listening to and trying to unravel spiels from Telco reps. Audit-IT's service models are tailored for its clients unique business needs. Your business is definitely not tailored to meet a telecommunications service model. You'll be able to totally focus on your business.

Audit-IT can efficiently and cost effectively manage all facets of your business' telecommunications. More importantly we are independent of carriers / Telco providers. We provide unbiased telecommunications advice, solutions and management.

Our aim is to provide continuous improvement to the quality, cost and experience of telecommunications, be it for individuals, families or business.

Invest in the opportunity for Audit-IT to show you how we can save you time and money spent on your telecommunications. Why not give us a call today?

4. Auditing Services

We audit all existing telecommunications services and utilise the best of all providers locally and internationally. Fixed line, mobile and data services focused. Reducing costs and improving functionality and efficiency.

5. Procurement

Sourcing services and equipment best for practice on time from the Australian telco market without bias.

6. Relocation Management

Planning, controlling and orchestrating the relocation or establishment of all telecommunication services for an organisation.

7. Disaster Recovery

Rapid identification of failure points, and implementation of temporary solutions for mobile, data and fixed line services.